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CRPB Top Picks

pipes | drums  This is an online publication for anyone interested in piping and drumming. Edited by Andrew Berthoff.

The Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association
  The SPBA sets the games rules for (both) Saskatchewan contests, distributes lottery monies to the bands, and runs an annual summer school

The National Piping Centre
This is THE place to hear and learn great piping in Glasgow. Director Finlay MacDonald has a great staff, a superb bagpipe museum, and really fine hotel, restaurant, and concert accommodations.

BBC Scotland
Hear the BBC's piping programme "Pipeline" every Saturday. It's now available at any time for the week following each show!
Regina business that supplies Fred Morrison Reelpipes, smallpipes, and also Highland bagpipes by McCallum and Strathmore, as well as services, accessories and consulting for pipers and pipe bands.


Piping Business




McCallum Bagpipes
McCallum Bagpipes make great products, have terrific service, and do a lot to support and promote piping throughout the world. We have several sets of McCallum pipes in the band, and have played a couple of sets of their chanters.

R.G. Hardie Bagpipes
The CRPB played "Henderson Band Chanters" designed by Alastair Dunn for a few years, and we have taken advantage of their great service for uniforms and custom items, such as our cap badges. 

Lee & Sons Bagpipes
Jack Lee has been a constant band friend since we started, and his company makes excellent bagpipes, reeds and pipe bags. As well, he has an amazing online music site, where you can purchase sheet music of thousands of bagpipe tunes, each having been recorded on the bagpipes by Jack.
Excellent chanter reeds made by Colin MacLellan. 

Begg Bagpipes
James Begg has been Scotland's premier bag maker for many years. 

One of North America's top suppliers. The store is managed by Terry Lee, long-time (now retired) pipe major of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band.

Bruce Gandy Music
Bruce Gandy offers tuition, workshops, music books and CDs, McCallum Bagpipes and his own design solo chanter.



Andrew T. Lenz, Jr.
The Bagpipe Journey is web site made by Andrew. He has lots of good stuff, including a bagpipe terms dictionary, and a piping "who's who."

The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts, PEI
Lessons in piping, drumming, Gaelic song, Highland and Scottish step dancing, and much more.

The Piobaireachd Society
The classical music of the Highland pipes. This is a great site for students of piobaireachd.

Highland Games

The Saskatchewan Highland Gathering and Celtic Festival
The Saskatchewan Pipe Band Championships, solo piping, drumming,  Highland dancing and heavy events.

Winnipeg Scottish Festival
We travel there each year for a great kick-off to the prairie season.

Bridge of Allan Highland Games
A great games by the Allan Water near Stirling.

North Berwick Highland Games
A very good event on Scotland's east coast.

Glengarry Highland Games
The North American Pipe Band Championships at Maxville, Ontario. Also features the Piobaireachd Society Gold Medal Piobaireachd competition.

Fergus Scottish Festival and Bell's Highland Games
Another major event in Ontario worth a look!

Skagit Valley Highland Games
Held at Mount Vernon, WA, these games attract bands from all over the Pacific Coast, and in 1999 and 2001 the City of Regina Pipe Band was the "guest band" at the Games.

Pacific Northwest Scottish Games This excellent 2-day event featured SFU, City of Regina, and RMM as the guest bands in 2000.

Drumming Business

Custom Drum Sound [formerly Cameron's Drumming Studio]

Hugh Cameron has been supplying drums and drumming equipment to the CRPB since 1994. Great products and service.

Steven McWhirter
Steven is the 8-time World Solo Champion and also the L-D of the Inveraray and District Pipe Band. He writes scores, teaches and is a great resource for bands. 

Doug Stronach
Doug is an outstanding musician and educator, and has a great online presence, including a store for his custom drum products.

Magazines and Web Sites

pipes | drums
The World's best source for piping and drumming news, features and entertainment. Edited by Andrew Berthoff.

Bagpipe News
An online news and features site organized by the National Piping Centre. Features current news and events from mostly the UK scene, and also lots of good historical pieces from back issues of The Piping Times  and Piping Today.

This is the magazine of the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association.

Common Stock
The journal of the Lowland and Borders Piping Society.

Roots/Traditional Music

Fred Morrison   Fred appeared as the special guest at the MWCF oin a couple of occasions, and ran a workshop for band members and other local pipers.

Wendy MacIsaac   Wendy played the 2014 MWCF along with Mairi Rankin, and the 2020 Festival with Mac Morin.

Mairi Rankin   Mairi played the 2014 MWCF along with Wendy MacIsaac, and she plays in Celtic group The Outside Track, and is busy touring the world to play, including Regina!

Kendra MacGillivray Kendra is a fabulous fiddler in the Cape Breton style from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. She and her brother Troy performed at the 1999 and 2000 Mid-Winter Celtic Festival.

Troy MacGillivray

We had Troy out to the MWCF a few of times including a show with sister Kendra.

Hands Up For Trad
A great forum about trad Scots music, and a superb mail order system for CDs, DVDs, books, etc.