Photos 2009

In 2009, the band did more competing, going to Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina & Moose Jaw, Selkirk, MB, Maxville, Montreal, Calgary and Canmore. In those years, we were competing against a very strong St. Andrew's Grade 2 band from Winnipeg, and the Rocky Mountain Pipe Band from Calgary. We were routinely beaten by the St. Andrew's Pipe Band until Selkirk, where we finally got a first "placing" from a judge (they still won). That seemed huge at the time: we were getting better. We were playing some funky music in the medley that year, with an opener written by Winnipeg composer Gord Taylor of Winnipeg, and some rad drumming written for us by Doug Stronach, who was in the middle of writing some very standout music to accompany Michael Grey's music for the Toronto Police Pipe Band. If you watch the mid-section there, you'll see our long-time member Kenna Whelan. 

The CRPB returned to Maxville/Montreal, and despite a good week of preparation, came unglued at Maxville. At Montreal, the rain bucketed down a lot of the day, and we decided to give playing a miss. We decided to go to the beer tent, have a tune undercover, and then just watch other bands play in the rain. After tunes, and beers, the skies opened shortly before we were to play, so we had a quick tune and went to play. We scored two firsts in piping in a field of seven bands, and ended up 2nd overall. What an amazing feeling that was. That year we had some fun times with the St. Patrick's Battalion Pipe Band from Mexico, and we somehow ended up with the entire St. Thomas Alumni Pipe Band on our school bus leaving the beer tent. That season finished with an excellent trip to Calgary/Canmore, where we were 2nd on Saturday, and finished the season winning at Canmore. It's always a good way to end the seaon.