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Photos 2023

The year starting off with some concert performances, including the Mid-Winter Celtic Festival after a two-year pause. In Spring Luke Newman stepped away as L-D because of other commitments and Cyrus Felstrom-Stenka took on the role. The band competed successfully in Regina at the SHGCF, finishing 2nd of three bands in the grade. We had a few of the regular gigs over the late spring and early summer, including the MOSAIC Festival, and then had sporadic practices in late July and early August while people were away. The travelled to Calgary and Canmore for the Games on Labour Day Weekend, and came away with two first prizes, and a number of solo awards for band members. It was the first time that all 5 MacDonalds played at once in the band, and it was also the first band win under P-M Paul Laforge and L-D Cyrus F-S.