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Glendive, MT 2004

For a number oif years, the band made an annual trip to Glendive, Montana to be the feature guest of their "Irish for a Day" celebration. The event was hosted by the Glendive Celtic Society to raise funds for local purposes, such as the "Friends of the Library." We would drive down Friday to arrive Friday night for a social, then starting at breakfast on Saturday [green eggs, muffins, etc.] there was always a full day of playing in the town. We played at local businesses, lunches, restaurants, seniors' homes, hospitals, an afternoon concert in the lovely school theatre, an evening bonfire, and then a sponsored pub crawl down the main drag in Glendive, that always finished in the wee hours. The people of Glendive were fantastic hosts, and we always had a great time, raised money for the band and the community, and came home wirth enough funny stories to last until the following year.