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Photos 2007

After the trip to Scotland in 2006, the wheels started to come off the band bus. Several years of preparation, practice and development, and back-to-back, expensive, 10-day trips to Scotland drained the band of resources and energy. L-D Dave Roth had put off school to take the band to Scotland, and he felt he needed to step away from the band to complete his Engineering degree. Some of players, having had a taste of Scotland, went off to play with bands such as Maple Ridge (BC), Alberta Caledonia, and Winnipeg St. Andrews. By the time Christmas rolled around in 2006, it was clear that competing was not an option for the 2007 season. There are a couple of photos here of a very small group of players having a rehearsal to try and get things going at Christmas. It looked a little bleak.

We did the MWCF, and a trip to Glendive, Montana for St. Patrick's Day, and a lovely concert outdoors in March (it really was nice!) at the Confluence Centre, where the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers flow together. New Brunswick piper Andy Rogers joined us for that trip, and we had a great time in the south! Those were some amazing, fun trips for the band. Given the shortage of snare drummers, we brought along a bass guitar player and a dedicated djembe player for the trip, and much fun was had. [Note: the photos for this page were edited!]

The CRPB performed at the ceilidh after the Regina Games in 2007, and did the usual Legion and other performances, while building up the membership and looking at ways to get active in the next season.